General Assembly General Assembly

Peacebuilding Commission


High-Level Meeting on the situation in the

Central African Republic



Ms. Lakshmi Swaminathan, Second Secretary

23 April 2018



President of the Central African Republic


Under-Secretary General for Peacekeeping Operations


Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,


We thank the Chair of the PBC Country-Specific Configuration on the Central African Republic for organizing this high-level meeting to update on Peacebuilding Commission’s engagement with the Central African Republic. 


2.        We support the Peacebuilding Commission in its efforts to sustain international attention to the Central African Republic’s peacebuilding priorities and sustainable development needs by bringing together different stakeholders, including Member States, the African Union, the Economic Community of Central African States, the European Union, as well as international financial institutions. 


3.         The international community should remain committed to the Government and the people of the Central African Republic and support the efforts of the national authorities to continue the political process especially at a time when the country continues to face resurgence of violence and the situation is still fragile.


4.        The Peacebuilding Commission country-specific configuration for the Central African Republic can play an important role in coordinating the international assistance so that the Central African Republic can truly benefit stabilization and development. The continued support of the PBC and the Peacebuilding Fund to the Central African Republic is essential to ensure follow-up for the country’s priorities in times of need.


5.         India and the Central African Republic enjoy friendly relations. India supports the Central African Republic in its priority areas of development and capacity building and has so far provided soft loans to the extent of US$ 95 million for implementing various projects including construction of cement plants, transportation and hydroelectric projects.We recall the participation of the delegation from the Central African Republic at the third India-Africa Forum Summit which showcased multiple dimensions of the India-Africa relationship that is pivoted around trade, training, technology, capacity building and development partnership.


6.        We commend the efforts of the PBC Central African Republic configuration as a constructive platform for the national government to share its perspectives on peace and reconciliation processes, to exchange views on how best to ensure coherence in the UN’s support to the authorities and the people of Central African Republic, including through the implementation of the National Recovery and Peacebuilding Plan (RCPCA). We welcome the convening of the first meeting of the International Support Group to the Central African Republic and hope all these collective efforts will result in long-term peace and prosperity for the people of the Central African Republic.


Thank you, Mr. Chairman.