Piracy Issues India and UN

Piracy Issues




The problem of maritime piracy and the taking of hostages off the coast of Somalia remains a serious threat to international security and maritime trade and India is determined to address it. In this regard, the adoption of Security Council resolution 1976 on 11 April 2011 constitutes a major landmark since it was in its wake that the Council for the first time ever addressed the problems of hostages taken by pirates. India co-sponsored the resolution and voted in its favour. India is also actively cooperating with the international community through the Contact Group on Piracy off the Coast of Somalia and chaired its 13th plenary meeting in December 2012. A Presidential Statement on ‘Piracy’ was adopted by the Security Council under India’s presidency of the Council in November 2012.


As a result of the efforts of international community, in particular the Contact Group, the number of piracy attacks off the coast of Somalia has decreased significantly. This progress found specific reference in the Security Council resolutions 2067 (2012) and 2125 (2013). In the past year and a half there has not been a successful piracy attack off the coast of Somalia